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How to wash cashmere:

Cashmere is a natural fiber derived from cashmere goats. This special type of goat can only be shaved once a year for the finest, softest hairs, therefore making cashmere the high priced, sought after good that it is. Like most natural fibers, piling can naturally occur. Before washing your cashmere garment de-pill it with a battery operated "de fuzzer". After de-pilling, hand wash the cashmere in cool water and let it soak in a perfume free detergent for approximately ten minutes before rinsing (No Woolite).


Recommended cashmere detergents:

  • Arm & Hammer sensitive free and clear

  • The Laundress wool cashmere shampoo

After rinsing, do not ring the cashmere, rather remove excess water by pressing the item gently into a ball. After following the preceding step, lay the cashmere flat on a dry towel rolling the towel similarly to how you would roll a sleeping bag. Unroll the cashmere item and place it on top of a drying rack. This washing process should keep your cashmere lasting for years to come.